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Q-Systems products and services will help you manage your leisure activities through sophisticated, yet robust, easy to implement, fully supported IT solutions.

Maximising throughput, consolidating efficiency, eliminating waste and generating profitability in bars, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, car parks, and for regular and one-off shows and events around the world.


about us

Established in 1990, Q-Systems has built its business and reputation designing, building, supplying and supporting incisive purchase and ticketing solutions for the leisure industry. We work with many of the biggest names in the industry including: Tokyo Industries, British Museum, Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Mahiki, China White, Hammersmith Apollo, AEG Europe, Buckingham Palace, Novus Leisure, Bowlplex, 3D Entertainment, Hard Rock Café, Blackpool Tower, NEC Birmingham, Earls Court, O2 Arena, O2 Academies (Brixton, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds Academy), Mama Group, Glastonbury Festival, Leeds Festival, Reading Festival, Live Nations retail and entertainment specialist businesses.

With our products at your fingertips, you will benefit from greater control, less wastage and more profit.

Our product range includes:

  • Q-bar rapid serve wireless EPoS system for bars and serveries.
  • Q-entry box office admission Ticketing & Control
  • Q-robe cloakroom ticketing & control
  • Support services and Maintenance
  • Consumables and cash register rolls

We understand your business and know you need support 24/7 - our Systems Support Team is available 24 hours 365 days a year to keep your Business Critical Systems operational.



Maximise profitability and streamline service with the quickest, simplest, most accurate and secure EPoS system available for bar service.

It's quick

Reduce serving times by up to 40%. Unique wireless personal hand units allow staff to register any drink, anywhere.

It's simple

A bar code for every product eliminates mistakes. Swipe the bar code as you pour each drink, show the customer their total, collect payment and wirelessly fire the transaction into the micro till.

It's accurate

Display every transaction, real time in the back office. Monitor totals and staff performance, analyse sales hourly sales and product activity. Graphical analysis is a standard feature.

It's secure

Individual staff and transactions are monitored. The hand units retain full trading history and rechargeable batteries operate up to 100 hours continuously. Incorrect operation and/or total system failure is virtually impossible.


Features and Benefits

  • Fast and simple operation - max 2 second transaction time at till per round
  • Minimal staff training (approx 15 mins)
  • Up to 4 price levels available
  • Member and non-member prices
  • Low purchase and on-going maintenance cost
  • No bulky or complex hardware on the bar
  • Each hand gun can identify any staff member
  • Full statistical and analytical reports
  • Graphical analysis
  • Hand gun can operate stand alone - data retrieval by PC after sales session
  • Easy to change prices
  • Can operate off-line
  • Password protected
  • Modular design - add units as required
Download Product Leaflet (PDF, 567kb approx)


Admission and Ticketing control, specifically designed for the leisure industry.

Controlled, speedy, secure handling to maximize revenue in clubs, fairs, theme parks, concerts, internal and external events, cinemas, exhibitions, shows, car parks, and any other situations where a ticket is essential.

Sell, admit and print tickets for up to to 70 people a minute, full cash reconciliation, on-board ticket and text editing. Flexible solution can issue tickets for admissions and cloakrooms, for promotional campaigns, producing drink vouchers, retention tickets and re-admission.


Features and Benefits

  • Print security numbers on tickets
  • Up to 15 number sequences, queuing customers can be served in sequence or admitted when their number is called
  • Extensive statistics and reports include X, Z, monthly, annual and audit reports
  • Compulsory cash declaration
  • Tamperproof wristbands allows secure readmission
  • Body count that keeps track of customers admitted
  • Large optional display unit that allows additional control of takings
  • Keys can be individually programmed with text and prices
  • Logotypes and pictures can be printed
  • Versatile and complete ticket and text editing
  • High quality concert ticket available in 9 colours, 100 mm or 60mm low-cost ticket, also print wristbands.
  • Available as stand-alone unit or PC/network link plus optional
  • User friendly software for Windows reporting and editing
  • High quality thermal printing unit with extremely low service requirements
Download Product Leaflet (PDF, 602kb approx)


The simple and economical solution for all Cloakroom Ticketing and Control. Streamline and organize your service, eliminate confusion and inefficiency, maximize profitability.

Quickly secures and records any item for total revenue and item identification.


Features and Benefits

  • 3 part ticket in different colours, for guest, for hanger/peg and for additional items (bags etc.)
  • Also prints tamperproof wristbands allowing secure readmission
  • Articles described by code or text
  • Venue name (or logo) on ticket
  • Time, date and price of storage on ticket
  • Organising of cloakroom by sections
  • Comprehensive cash reconciliation and reports
  • High quality tickets - not easily lost
  • High print speed - 30 tickets per minute
  • Works in cloakroom with hangers as well as pegs/hooks
  • Can be linked to PC
  • Easy to use, robust thermal printing unit with extremely low service requirements
  • Optional cash drawer with interface
Download Product Leaflet (PDF, 669kb approx)


Q-pos is an app (application) based point of sale system utilising modern smartphone technology.

Use your own iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or Smartphone to download our apps and run your business.

Buy a cash drawer, a receipt printer and anything else you require (including Tablets) to get your extremely low cost EPoS system up and running

Download our apps for free, and then pay a small monthly fee for the usage.

We provide a Cloud based up and download service where all data is securely backed up.

Complete till in one app with functions including cash drawer opening, receipt printing, barcode scanning etc etc

Modules Includes:

  • Single till POS Stand alone function
  • Multi till POS
  • Chain Store POS
  • Inventory
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Member / Customer Tracking
  • Billing / Invoicing
  • Accounts Interface
  • Global Internet based results tracking
  • Take-away module
  • Newsagent module


We are dedicated to ensuring our solutions continue to maximize your profitability and efficiency, so we take support very seriously.

All our products carry a 1 year Return to Base Warranty with free online and telephone Support 24/7. After this period we offer the option of purchasing a Support Contract that extends the Warranty and Support for another 12 month period.

We know your business management systems are running at peak when you're at your busiest - evenings and weekends, so we provide Contract Customers unrestricted telephone helpdesk support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our system puts you in touch with our technical staff so you can get live help from a qualified technician at any time of the day or night.

Our contract pricing is based specifically on your own equipment, you won't be subsidising larger installations.

We can remotely connect to your Windows computer and diagnose and correct problems in minutes, saving you time and money and costly site visits.

Our Q-bar EPoS Support Contract includes free zapper exchange, and a free "MOT" style visit when we will check and change anything that's faulty or worn out. It's effectively a new Epos system every year.

If you don't have a contract

Please contact us to get a quotation for your Support Contract and see how it can save you time and money in repairs and site visits.



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Case Studies

Q-Systems is proud to provide the solutions that help promote the success of a wide range of leisure and event businesses, including:

  • Tokyo Industries
  • British Museum
  • Ministry of Sound
  • Mama Group
  • O2 Academies
  • Bowlplex PLC
  • Novus Leisure
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Universities
  • Mahiki
  • 3D Entertainment
  • Fabric
  • China White
  • Hammersmith Apollo
  • Blackpool Tower
  • ISS Facilities - NEC and Earls Court Exhibition Centres
  • Local Councils

As well as many other independent pubs, bars, clubs, restaurant and hospitality operators. We would be happy to talk to you about your own specific requirements, we are confident that we have the solution that's right for you!

Call us today on 01268 771 700 or email us

Q-Bar increases Monarch Leisure's wet sales by 25% overnight.

Monarch Leisure's MD Mehdi Ashfar says his wet sales increased by 25% as soon as Q-Bar was installed in his venues in Canterbury and Basildon

The result was amazing! We changed the old pre-programmed button tills for Q-Bar EPoS and in the first weekend I increased wet take by 25% and food take by 30%!" he said

Its simple to learn, easy to use and much faster than anything I have used before! I know what stock I have used, and how much to the penny what to expect in the tills

Q-Bar Prevents employee Fraud!

"I had suspected a dishonest member of staff when we were using the old tills, but I couldn't prove anything - Q-Bar immediately identified who it was!" says Mehdi "And I can see real-time trading and performance reports at the venue, on-line to central office or my home at any time of the day or night"

Q-Bar installed in AMGs network of live music venues

Academy Music Group (AMG) have continued the roll out of Q-Bar to their network of Academy live music venues, including Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Brixton, Glasgow, Islington, Newcastle and the AMG flagship Shepherds Bush Empire

The AMG business model experiences massive peaks of bar activity at varied and often unpredictable times and Q-Bar fully exploits AMGs need for the highest spend in the shortest serving time

18.4% Increased Spend

AMG immediately reported an increased spend of £1.10 per head or 18.4% against trading figures before Q-Bar was installed.




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